TPL - Three Point Linkage Drags

TPL - Three Point Linkage Drags

The TPL is a three point linkage arena grooming tool that uses Arena Blade Technology™ to aerate the surface material of your arena.

The cutting blade at the front of the tool levels the ground in front of the weight bearing wheels ensuring that the TPL rides on a level surface creating a stable platform for the Arena Blade to work the surface to the depth set by you. The adjustable comb follows along behind, grooming and slightly compacting the surface evenly.

The advantages of the "TPL" over other arena grooming tools are many and include being able to maintain a level arena surface and the unique feeling of an arena worked with Arena Blade Technology™. Arena Grooming tools that sit on the surface of your arena will dig out low spots making your arena uneven and wavy.

By combining weight bearing wheels that stabilise the arena grooming tool and a levelling blade in front of these wheels to ensure a flat working surface, the "TPL" will eliminate waves and tracks in your arena keeping it consistent every time you work on it.

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The "TPL" also comes in -
1.8 metre $3,400.00

2.4 metre $4,000.00
3.0 metre $4,400.00