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2.4M HD Arena Drag

2.4M HD Arena Drag


This 2.4M Hydraulic Arena Drag" arena grooming tool uses Arena Blade Technology™ to aerate the surface material of your arena.

The Hydraulics on this Drag help to raise and lower the drag when moving it into and out of the arena.


Key Features Include:

1. The Tow Bar Connection makes for easy swap out and connection to your tractor

2. Simple Connection Lines - connect the hydraulic lines, drop the pin in the tow bar and drive away

3. Tracks True with your tractor on a single point tow, meaning you can reach deeper into arena corners

4. The new cutter bar and retainers makes it easier to change out the levelling bar or cutter bar.  Simply pull the two pins and you can easily change them out.


The unique features of this HD Arena Drag means you can set your drag specifically for your arena and not have to adjust once set.  

The Tow Bar Connection means it is ready to use all the time and easy to connect.


As your arena depth changes, you can adjust the front  levelling bars to have them cut the right amount of surface product 

Wider levelling bar, making it quicker to level your arena surface


1.8M HD Arena Drag $5,430 AUD GST Inclusive

2.4M HD Arena Drag $5,660 AUD GST Inclusive

3M HD Arena Drag $6,160 AUD GST Inclusive


See this NEW 2.4M HD Arena Drag in action



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