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1.8M HD Arena Drag 



Complete with 3 Lift Options to suit your individual set up

* Hydraulic Lift

* Electric Lift

* Manual Lift

You DON'T NEED a Tractor to Tow this newly released 1.8M HD Arena Drag


2.4M Ripper Drag 

The Ripper Drag is ideal to break up hard packed surfaces, prepare seed beds or for repairing wash outs in gravel driveways or car parks.

A 4 Wheel Drive vehicle is required to tow this Ripper Drag

2.4M HD Arena Drag 


Setting up your 2.4M HD Arena Drag

presented by Warren Backhouse

Showing the Easy Swap out for connection to your tractor and how well it tracks true to your tractor leveling your surface in less time.  Also showing how simple it is to change out your cutter bar or leveling bar on this newly released arena maintenance tool.


ET Drag Set Up


Setting up your Easy Tow Arena Drag

presented by Errol Thomas

The ET Arena Drag comes in a 1.5m and 1.8m size.  These arena drags can be towed using a car or 4 wheel motor bike.

The Edger attachment is also easy to attach and use.

They are easy to set up, maneuver and tow.


TPL Drag Set Up

Set up of your Three Point Linkage "TPL" Arena Drag presented by manufacturer of these great products Errol Thomas.
To gain the best results from your TPL Arena Drag, the set up is important to achieve the surface that is right for your horses performance.



2.4 m TPL Drag in Action

The TPL is a three point linkage arena grooming tool that uses Arena Blade Technology™ to aerate the surface material of your arena. The cutting blade at the front of the tool levels the ground in front of the weight bearing wheels ensuring that the TPL rides on a level surface creating a stable.


The "Edger" in Action

The Edger attachment assists with removal of the sand that accumulates against the sides of the arena. The wheel helps stop the edger from catching on sleepers or edging boards taking the worry out of getting close to the sides of your arena