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Don't take our word for it - read what our customers are saying ! Thomas Arena Products have transformed equestrian arena surfaces right across Australia! Find out why Australia's top horseman choice to use Australia's favourite drag.

Warren Backhouse - Professional/Trainer
"My office is the arena. Before Thomas Arena Products, I would drag everyday, sometimes up to three times a day only to have it compact overnight. Now when I drag at the end of the day, the surface is still like powder the next morning ! Thanks so much for taking the time with us to make sure we got the right tool for the job!"


“I can’t recommend my drag highly enough.”

- Dan Steers, Double Dan Horsemanship

Shane Sainsbury.jpg

Sainsbury Performance horses are proud to be a sponsored rider of Thomas Arena Products.
We have been using Thomas arena products drags for 10 years plus the innovative advances in these drags during this time is unbelievable. We previously had the 2.4 TPL and that was a game changer allowing us to have consistent even footing in our arena. Recently we upgraded to the 1.8 HD tow behind with Hyd functions and this again has made significant improvements.
Products are great quality I would have no issues recommending Thomas Arena Products

Fancy Stepping Performance Horses.png

Matthew Clifford - Professional/Trainer 

"I've had the Thomas Arena Drag for a couple of years now and the difference it has made on our arena has been brilliant!  Even with a natural base its been able to level out to a degree and keep our ground all round suitable for stopping!  Can't go past it"


Scott W Sutton - Professional

"My new drag had literally improved my training program. Being able to provide my horses with a consistent surface really gives them (especially the babies) real confidence. If you are training Reiners and you don't have a Thomas Arena drag, than you are already behind!!"

Scott Burnett - Professional/Trainer 

"When you train reining horses you continually worry about injuring your horses. Take the guess work out of maintaining your arena and give Errol a call. It's the best drag I've ever used"


John Wicks - NRHA Professional/Traner

"I cannot recommend Thomas Arena Products highlty enough. I bought the 2.4 metre TPL.  It does a fantastic job with my arena. I drag my arena about six times a week, sometimes even twice a day and its consistent every time." 

Vivan Wearing - Professional Equestrian Coach

"Thomas Arena Products we are loving our arena drag, it has made all the difference to our riding surface."

Wayne Williams -

Professional/Trainer - Equestrian Coash


I have been using Thomas Arena Products almost since their inception. I cannot recommend them highly enough! From quality of construction to quality of design they are without peer. The need for consistent depth of surface to protect your horse is paramount. The need for the base beneath that surface to be clean and flat is just as crucial. No other arena equipment will service those requirements better than Thomas Arena Products. They are also a small investment for maintenance when measured against the cost of proper arena construction.


Some have used them to prepare their otherwise untouched paddocks to great effect thus avoiding the prohibitive cost of complete arena preparation. Many earthmovers will tell you that getting a consistent depth of sand on top of a hard surface is very problematic but Thomas Arena Products make that task easy.


With regular grooming, Thomas Arena Products will ensure a great surface for your horse to work on no matter what event you are preparing for or what discipline you follow. I am very happy with my Thomas Arena Product equipment and I know you will be too."

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